Binghamton University | Arts 412 - Software II | F 2018

December 3rd, 2018

Final Project: Digital Storytelling

In Mexican folklore, La Llorona, pronounced la ʝo.ˈɾ, or in English, "The Weeping Woman" is a ghost of a woman who lost her children and now cries while looking for them in the river, often causing misfortune to those who are near, or who hear her. There is no credible source or evidence to the events that inspired the legend of La Llorona. I started this project around Halloween and dia de los muertos, early November; thus, the reason to have a story that can represent my culture and background led me to choose La Llorona legend as my final project.
Link to the story

August 21, 2018

Project 2: Line Icon

Video Games are, for some people, a lifestyle. For others, like me, videogames are our gateaway from reality. Video Games help people de-stress, keeps you happy, improves visual skills and helps with making decisions on your own. That is why I decided for this project to use an icon that describes my self, my life, but in a more deep and focused way.

August 21, 2018

Project 1: Intention

For this project I decided to go for a typical Postcard but with a small and minimalistic twist by adding a white frame and a white stroke around the clock to emphasise one of the most emblematic objects from Binghamton University, along with the original fonts and colors of the university.